School Group Programs 


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) visits include:


  • Fun LEGO building with LEGOLAND Staff! Standards-based and fine-tuned to your grade level
  • Applied learning on life-sized machines - our rides!
  • Teacher Guides: Standards-based, before and after visit worksheets
  • Full day admission to LEGOLAND rides, shows, attractions
  • Educational programs are 45-minute long sessions
  • Self-guided option is also available with no instructional portion of the program
  • Educational resource guides are provided which outline different activities throughout the entire Park. 


Pre-register online to save time


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Program Descriptions


Grades K-3

Tall Towers
Be a better builder! Learn about
structures and what makes them
strong. Test your creation on our
earthquake table!


Download Resource Guide

Grades 3-6

Amazing Machines
Build a simple machine with working gears, levers, and pulleys! Discover how these simple machines make our rides operate inside the park.


Download Resource Guide 

Grades K-2

Funtastic Gears
Get in gear! Build a theme park ride and use gears to change the speed and direction. Program uses Early Simple Machines LEGO Education Set.


Download Resource Guide


Grades 4-6

Energy Lab
Build a solar-powered car or ride! Collect, store and transfer solar energy to power your vehicle!
Grade appropriate building activity. Program uses Simple and Motorized Mechanisms and Renewable Energy LEGO Education Sets.


Download Resource Guide 


 Grades 1-2


Robotics for Young Beginners

Students will understand introductory concepts of robotics using motors and sensors. Build a Florida alligator and make it move! Program uses WeDo Robotics LEGO Education set.


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Grades 3-6

Join Dr. Heartbeat and the NXT-bots to complete a variety of life-saving operations and medical procedures using a computer, light and sound sensors and motors. 


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Grade 2-5

Get Moving!
The forces are with you. Discover friction, inertia and wind resistance. Build a car, see the forces at work, and predict which car will win the race and why!


Download Resource Guide

Grades 3-6

Go on a mission using the Adventure-bots to retrieve golden marble treasures and hide them from the treasure hunters using a computer, light and sound sensors and motors. 


Download Resource Guide

School group prices may be available for qualifying groups of 15 or more.  Please call 1-877-350-5346 for pricing and availability. 

  • School field trips available Monday through Friday only- excluding school holidays.
  • Group pricing available for additional family and friends.
  • Minimum 15 paying students
  • Membership passes accepted for self-guided field trip admission only
  • Prices, times and schedules subject to change without notice.
  • Pricing applies to public, private and home schools.
  • Classes available for grades K-6; minimum of 15 to book a class.

Additional Programs


You must make a reservation to participate in an education program. Reservations are based on availability. Please refer to our operating schedule.


Payment may be made by organization check or credit card.  To qualify for tax exemption, method of payment must match tax exemption form. Restrictions may apply.


School Group Refunds

To download the School Group Refund Form, click here.