Alek Schoneck, Age 11, Sanford FL 

Alek Schoneck


What do you LOVE about LEGOLAND?
Everything, because Lego is my thing! I like to build with LEGO bricks and all the rides and shows at the park are fun!


What are your favorite three attractions?
Imagination, Technic, Coastersaurus (but I’m really looking forward to The World of Chima).


What are you looking forward to with The World of Chima?
The Quest for Chi and Cragger’s Swamp – I’m excited the boat ride and playing with water cannons!


What is your favorite thing you’ve ever built out of LEGO bricks?
The Galactic Enforcer because I was 8 years old when I put it together even though the box says it is for 12 years old.


What do you like to do for fun, on your spare time?
I like to play Minecraft and LEGO Agents with my brother.


If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?
An engineer, because I like to build.